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Before And After Image Sliders

The before and after slider image will help you see how good a resin driveway, Path or patio will look. You can see pictures of the driveway or path beforehand, During and after. All image sliders shown on this page are of jobs that were completed in one day, Apart from two which were full ‘dig outs’.

A dig out is where we can not just lay resin straight down, for example if you have block paving, flags, top soil or grass. Resin needs to be laid onto a solid surface such as concrete or Tarmac.

Below is a step by step description of a full driveway or garden dig out.

  • Firstly we would dig up the current surface for example block paving or grass. This would then all be discarded of into a skip.
  • Secondly we would then lay a layer of MOT/Hardcore and whack it with a vibrating plate until the ground is solid.
  • We would then put in any required drainage.
  • A plastic membrane needs to be laid down and then rebar sheets A142 (metal reinforcing wire).
  • Then the concrete will be poured on top. This driveway/patio/path will never move or crack now.
  • Once the concrete has set and a coat of primer has been applied we can overlay with resin.

As a Resin Driveway can be laid efficiently, this means less disruption for yourself and your neighbours. You can also start enjoying your resin area sooner.

Slide the middle bar left to see the old driveways and paths.

Slide the middle bar right to see the new transformation.

If you would like to ask any further questions about any of these driveways or paths please email

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